Literary tea party

Nora Krouk's house

10 June, 11 am

This Sunday morning hospitable Nora Krouk and Antipodes Association invited guests to a literary tea party accompanied by launch of recently published books: Tatiana Bonch-Osmolovskaya' Oz (Crimean Club publishing house; Nezavisimaya gazeta) and David Wansbrough's Rings of Taniva (translated into Russian by Ekaterina Gaevskaya, Crimean Club publishing house). David also presented his book Dreams Delights Fears Fragments (translated into Russian by Tatiana Vinogradova and others, West-Consulting publishing house). The authors recounted stories about their cooperation with Crimean Club publishing house, read from the books (in Russian and English) and discussed their texts with the audience.

The guests of the event were also Marianna Batkhan who sang us a song and Alexander Mirvis who told us about one of the performances of Vivid Sydney 2012.