Pure concept: Color. Sound. Line

Our conceptual exhibition concerns main ingredients of the essense of art. Art as such.
To l
ook closely, to discern, to disclose. The matter is dense, but it is opened towards one who scrutinizes.
Life is predicate. Unpredictable in all its diversity.
Evidently, literal meaning is not THE SAME.
But the implying is not always evident.
At the same time, what would cost our efforts, if all we create would be piled in a heap, the same heap that is growing before our eyes by every minute.
Ordering is necessary if you wish not to choke, not to drow in unstoppable flood of works.
Explanatory remarks are just another essential compound of this collection, for every series by each participant.

Tatiana Bonch-Osmolovskaya, Alexander Ocheretyansky