Meeting with Kirill Cherbitski

Berkelouw Book Shop (first floor, 19 Oxford Street, Paddington)

11 May, 7 pm

Antipodes Association invites you to a meeting with a poet, translator and traveler Kirill Cherbitski.

Kirill studied at Moscow State University. Since 1994 he was based in Germany. He translated Australian, Singaporean, Polynesian, African, and Burmese poetry into Russian. His texts were published in Humanitarian Fund, New Literary Review, Vozdukh, Textonly and a number of Internet literary editions. He worked for the German independent radio station Dreyeckland and the bilingual program Radio Ech. He translated and edited To go to Spore. Contemporary Singaporean Literature (Ailuros Publishing, New York, 2013). Here you can read some of Kirill's poems and translations.

Everyone welcome!