Reading and translating event

Nora Krouk's house

28 August, 4 pm

Nora Krouk and Antipodes Association held the next literary workshop What do we write?.
On 28th of August we met in Nora Krouk's house to read our writing and translations.

Many Australians spend a winter break overseas, so not surprisingly, the topic of many texts of the day was traveling and vacation. Elena Svetlova started with an extract of her short story Vacation about Belarus village, Elena Ostrovskaya followed with a tragic poem [mostar lullaby] about Serbian victims, and Vsevolod Vlaskine with a poem on impression on his European traveling. Also Nora Krouk read her translations of Okudzhava's poetry into English, and Natalia Crofts — her translations of Hillaire Belloc's and AE Houseman's poems into Russian. Yakov Smagarinsky read his short stories and Tatian Bonch-Osmolovskaya — her poems, and Marianna Batkhan performed two songs. The audience met each reading with critical suggestions and suppoert.

And what the wonderful pancakes Nora made for the evening!

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