Evening of Ukrainian poetry

Sydney Mechanics School of Arts (280 Pitt Street, Sydney)

25 October, 7 pm (Sydney), 11 am (Kiev), 12 pm (Moscow)

Antipodes Association, Tatiana Bonch-Osmolovskaya, Lena Ostrovskaya and Alesha Prokopiev invite you to a poetic internet-conference, which will take place on October 25 at 7 pm (Sydney time, 11 am in Kiev, 12 pm in Moscow) in Sydney Mechanics Schools of Arts (280 Pitt Street, Sydney). The guests of the evening are Russian and Ukrainian poets: Boris Khersonskiy, Marianna Kijanovskaya, Maria Galina, Arkady Shtypel, Dmitry Kuzmin, Alesha Prokopiev, Maxim Amelin, Igor Sid, Maxim Borodin, Natalia Belchenko and others. Poet and philologist Dmitry Kuzmin will make a presentation on modern Ukrainian poetry. The authors will read their poems in Ukrainian and (or) Russian language, and we will show their translations into English for the English-speaking audience. Poems which will be read at the evening will also be presented in our booklet. During Internet connection with Kiev, Lviv, Odessa, Kharkov and Moscow we will talk to the poets and listen to their first persons' views on the situation in Ukraine. The evening's program and list of participants will be further expanded, please see our news.

Boris Khersonskiy Russian poet. Born in Chernovtsy (UkrSSR), he lives in Odessa (Ukraine) now. Graduated from Odessa Medical Institute with a psychologist degree. Head of Department of clinical psychology in Odessa National University, the author of monographs in psychology and psychiatry. Literary publications in a number of journals, 12 books of poetry (9 published in Odessa, 3 in Moscow) and 2 books of poetical transcriptions of Psalms. Laureate of Brodsky's fund grant (2008), Literaris book prize (for Family archive collection of poems, 2010), short-listed for Andrey Bely award (2007).

Marianna Kijanovskaya Ukrainian poet, translator, literary critic, coordinator of Lviv section of Ukrainian writers association. Born in Nesterovo (Lviv region, UkrSSR), now lives in Lviv. Mariana writes in Ukrainian language and translates Polish, Slovenian, Czech, Belarusian and Russian poetry into Ukrainian. Her poems are translated into Polish, Serbian, Slovenian, Belarusian, Russian and English. Laureate of Nestor the Cronicler literary prize for the best publication in Kievskya Rus literary journal (2006).

Maria Galina Russian poet and novelist. Born in Kalinin (now: Tver, Russia), lived in Kiev and Odessa, now she lives in Moscow. 9 books of prose, 3 books of poetry, number of critical publications of poetry and fantasy novels. Translations of contemporary and classic fantasy and horror including Books of Blood by Clive Barker, as well as contemporary Ukrainian and Englush poetry (Seamus Heaney, Fiona Sampson, Carol Ann Duffy and others). Laureate of Novy mir literary award (2005), for the highest achievements in contemporary Russian poetry), Moscow score award for Nezemlya poetry book (2006), Moscow score award for novel in verses Everything about Liza (2014) and finalist and winner of the Big Book readers' choice award (2012) for novel Mole Crickets.

Arkady Shtypel Russian poet, translator and literary reviewer. Born in Kattakurgan (Samarkand region, UzSSR), lived in Dnepropetrovsk (UkrSSR), and from 1968, he has been living in Moscow. Translations from English (Shakespear sonnets, Dylan Thomas poems) and Ukrainian. Winner of Poetry Slams tournaments.

Dmitry Kuzmin Russian poet, publisher, literary curator, translator, philologist. Born in Moscow, in 2014, he moved to Latvia. Doctor of Philosophy. Translations of poetry and prose from English, French, Ukrainian, Belarusian. Chief-editor of ARGO-RISK publishing house, founder of Vavilon Union of young literary persons, curator of many literary projects. Laureate of Andrey Bely award in For the merits for the literature nomination (2002), Moscow score award for It is good to be alive poetry collection (2009).

Alexey Prokopiev Russian poet and translator. Born in Cheboksary (Russia), lives in Moscow. Translations of English (Chaucer, Spenser, Milton, Wilde, Gerard Manley Hopkins and others), German (Rilke, Trakl, Benn, Heym and others) and Swedish poetry (Transtromer and others). Laureate of Andrey Bely special award for literary translations (2010).

Maxim Amelin Russian poet, publisher, translator. Born in Kursk (Russia), lives in Moscow. Translates from English, Latin, Greek. Poems translated into German, English, French, Italian, Polish, Chinese, Vietnamese and other languages. Laureate of Novy mir award (1998), Antibooker (1998), Anthologia poetry award (2004), Moscow score award (2004), and other literary awards.

Igor Sid Russian poet, translator, curator of literary projects. Born in Dzankoy (Crimea region, UkrSSR), lives in Moscow. Graduated from biological department of Dnepropetrovsk University (UkrSSR). Organizer of Bospor forum literary festivals (Kerch, Crimea, 1993-95). Curator of Crimean geopoetical club in Moscow, co-curator of Southern accent Russian-Ukraininan literary festival (1999), Tuzla barricades Russian-Ukrainian-Belorusian festival (2008). Co-founder of Poluostrov (Peninsula) poetic group.

Maxim Borodin a poet. Born and lives in Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine). Co-founder and co-editor of STYKH poetic almanach (Dnepropetrovsk). 5 poetry collections. Poems translated into Ukrainian, Italian, Bulgarian and Polish. Participated in Biennale of Poets (Moscow, 2005), Kiev laurels (2006, 2007), Kharkov barricade (2007). Laureate of David Burlyuk mark (2007).

Natalia Belchenko a poet, translator. Born and lives in Kiev. Graduated form Kiev state university, Philological faculty. Natalia writes in Ukrainian and Russian, and translates poetry from Ukraainian to Russian and vice versa. Author of 7 books of poetry. Publications in a number of literary journals and anthologies incliding An anthology of contemporary Russian women poets, Die Welt ist aus dem Stoff, der Betrachtung verlangt: Ein Gedichtbuch fur Hubert Burda zum 65. Geburtstag, Tijdschrift voor Slavische Literatuur. Poems translated into German, French, English, Polish, Korean, Dutch and Bolgarian. Laureate of Hubert Burda literary prize (Germany 2000), Nikolay Ushakov literary prize of Ukrainian Writer Union (2006), Leonid Vysheslavsky literary prize (2014), Metaphor translator prize (2014).

Pavel Goldin a poet, zoologist. Born and till 2014 has been living in Crimea. Graduated from biological department of Tavria National University (Sympheropol). Author of three books of poetry. Publications in Vavilon almanach, Zerkalo, Kreschatick, Ural literary journals, participated in almanach of Crimean poets.

Mikhail Sukhotin a poet, translator, lecturer. Born in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), lives in Moscow. Graduated from Faculty of Physics of the Moscow State Pedagogical University. Author of three books of poems. Publications in Continent, Poiski, Mitin Journal, Rodnik, NLO, Strelets, Ostrov, Vaum, Znamya and others literary journals. Specialist in Lyanozovo poetic school and Vs.Nekrasov literary works.

How to find the place

Sydney Mechanics' School of Arts is located on Pitt St between Bathurst St and Park St